Chit Scheme

Commit to Instalment of your choice for 10 months and get a brand new jewel on the 11th month with a pleasing bonus!
  • You can enrol on any working day.
  • No lucky draw, all of you can enjoy the benefits!
  • Your monthly instalments can range from 1000 INR to multiples of 1000 INR (i.e 2000 INR, 5000 INR, 10000 INR and so on).
  • The Gold rate will be fixed at the time of purchase.
  • Under no circumstances, we give out gold bars or cash.
  • Subjected to Coimbatore Jurisdiction only.
  • Step in our store once and you’ll never again have second thoughts!

They have the best in class chit scheme, highly beneficial for people who wants to save money to purchase jewellery.

Ganesh M

Come to our store once, you will never have a second thought.


Shop No. 9/10, Cross Cut Rd, Gandipuram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641012


0422 223 2710